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Past Projects

Ellis County Hwy CR Oak Leaf, Texas

Replace bridge.  160 LF 30" drill shaft, 142 LF RC pipe, 310 CY rip rap, rock filter dams, vegetative watering, driveways, excavation and drill seeding.  



Potter County Hwy CR Amarillo, Texas

Replace bridge and approaches.  599 CY excavation, 124 CY embankment, 689 LF drill shaft, retaining wall, gabion mattresses, rock filter dams. 



Randall County HWY PR 5 Canyon, Texas

3 bridges, 16,000 CY embankment, 2,000 ft of new road, 1,300 ft. drill shaft, 7,100 ft. temporary MSE wall, 800 CY gabion.   




Construction of Cedar Creek and Richland Chamber Intake Access Bridges Waxahachie, TX

Demolish the existing steel and cable bridges and wood decks, partially demolish the existing grated walkway at bridges to install the new bridge.  Construct a new pre-fabricated steel access bridge, install a new metal stair, demolish the existing overhead power line from the bridges, new electrical power, site paving, grading, and civil improvements. 





Walnut Creek Utility Stabilization Mansfield, Texas

200 ft 42" sewer, 2 junction boxes, 10 drill shafts, sewer by pass, 7,100 ft redi-rock wall, 1,500 CY of excavation 






FM 709 Bridge Erosion Repair Corsicana, Texas

Prepare 3 ac ROW, 48.6 cy concrete, Rip Rap & 1,244 cy, Gabions.






SH 6 Place Rip Rap for Scour Repair Navasota, Texas

Prepare right‐of‐way, tree removal, excavation, seeding, watering, backfill, install riprap.





Eagle Mountain Dam Upgrade Fort Worth, Texas

Install 29 relief wells, along the slope of the dam, to be interconnected with piping and outfall systems at 7 locations ranging from 22’ to 67’ in depth, Remove and replace chain link fence, Construct 100 lf of max thickness of 4’ embankment, Provide and maintain traffic controls, Erosion control, and Clearing and grubbing 






72" Water Transmission Phase 2 Dallas, Texas

Bank Stabilization along the Trinity River banks including furnishing and installing 2,600 CY of Gabion Baskets, with Gabion Mattress Structures, 3,901 LF of 30" Drill Shaft, 87 LF 72” RCCP Repair/Replace, 732 CY of Structural Concrete Beams, 198 Active Rock Anchors, 1,000 CY of Stabilized Backfill, 300 CY of Flowable Backfill, Dewatering, Replacing Paved Surfaces with Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement.






Mountain Creek Watershed Site #9 FRS Midlothian, Texas

Repair both the downstream and upstream slopes of the existing principal spillway and 100 foot auxiliary spillway of the floodwater detention dam structure that is 1,800 feet long and 34 feet high by excavating and rebuilding the slopes with compacted lime-treated earthfill and constructing an impact basin, including clearing and grubbing; stripping the lime processing area and the embankment; 

constructing jobsite access; processing soils with lime; excavating and placing earthfill on the wave berm; placing lime-treated earthfill on the embankment; stripping and excavating of borrow areas; grading, shaping and replacing topsoil; requiring 26,000 CY excavation; 1,000 tons of lime; 17,000 CY of lime-treated earthfill; 29,000 SY of topsoil; 250 tons of riprap; 2,000 FT of sediment filters; 2,800 LF of barb wire fence and 17 AC vegetation.





72" Water Transmission Phase 1 Dallas, Texas

10,000 CY of Gabion Baskets, 6,300 LF of 30” Drill Shaft, 72” RCCP Repair/Replace, 5 acre Clearing, 1,500 tons Grouted Rip-Rap, 1,000 CY Structural Concrete Beams, 23,000 LF of Active Rock Anchors, 3,500 SF of Sheet Piling, 1,000 LF Riverside Cofferdam/Dewatering.





Highland Oak Crossing Channel Improvements Keller, Texas

1,800 CY Gabions in Pond, 1,500 CY Gabions in Channel, Wetland Plantings, 18,000 CY Excavation and Haul Out, Stream Water By-pass, 20,000 SY Seeding. 






West Denton Substation Denton, Texas

40,000 CY of excavation and haul off, tree removal, undercutting wet pockets and replace with suitable soil, remove 580’ and install 890’ chain link fence, cut and fill, install 2,500 tons of 6” of compacted crushed rock over entire yard and transition new expansion into existing yard rock, Sod or hydro-mulch all exposed slopes, install 2,800 SF of sheet piling retaining wall, install 3,500 sf of ground grid and fence grounding, install drainage ditches and berms, install silt fences and ditch and catch basin filters. 






North McKinney Lift Station McKinney, Texas

Pump Station, Wier Structure and Site Piping, Special Features Include: 50 Feet Deep Excavation with 35,000 CY of Excavated Material, 4,000 tons of 247A Foundation Stabilization, 29,000 SF of Special Shoring, Dewatering, 42 ft of Static Water, 2,600 CY of Structural Concrete, 12,000 SF of Concrete Paving, Misc. Sewer 6” to 48”, 3 Each Owner Furnished Pumps, Misc. Interior Piping, Odor Control, HVAC, Masonry and Electrical.






Alice Creek Dallas, Texas

1 acre of Clearing, 1,000 ft of 5’ Chain Link Fence, 1,000 yds of Excavation, 296 Soil Nails,  176 CY Concrete Beam, 1,800 CY Gabions. 






Cottonwood Hike and Bike Trail Dallas, Texas

54,000 SF 6” Concrete Paving, 26,000 SF Redi-Rock Retaining Wall, 6,000 SF Cast In Place Retaining Wall, 4,000 yds Excavation, 7,000 tons of Type D Embedment, Misc. RCP Pipe and Headwalls. 






Randall PR 5 Palo Duro Canyon-Phase 2 Canyon,Texas

Replace concrete water crossings with 3 each 130' span bridges, 2,000 CY gabions, 1,880CY excavation, 16,568 CY embankment, 3,892 SY erosion control compost, 283 SY soil. retention, blankets, 1,293 LF 24" drill shaft, 42 CY rip rap, 792 LF rail. 

Estelle Creek Weir Structure Replacement Irving, Texas

Removal of existing concrete weir structure, 24" reinforced concrete piers, structural concrete, gabion baskets, and gabion mattress, rock rip rap, and associated fill and grading for erosion repairs.  

President George Bush Turnpike (PGBT-WE),Segment 7 Mitigation at West Trinity River & Johnson Creek

Dallas, Texas  

80 CY embankment final, 929 CY block sodding, vegetative watering, 25 CY concrete flume, 65 CY,  rip rap stone common grout 6 inch, 255 CY rip rap, 24 inch biodegradable erosion control logs 12" diameter install and remove, 1192 SY blading work erosion and sediment control

TRWD-Henderson Co. ITB #14-113; T75 and X51 Valve Replacements Waxahachie, Texas

Replace valves and install fiberglass manhole and aluminum hatch.

Golfer's Way Culvert Rehabilitation Azle, Texas

Slip lining an existing 2-barrel, 8' diameter culvert with HDPE, concrete aprons, rock rip rap, and associated work.

2014 Wichita River Flood Control Clearing Wichita Falls, Texas

Tree and vegetation removal along the Wichita River.

Matthews Interceptor Drainage Improvements Richland Hills, Texas

800 ft 8'x8' box culvert, 1,300 ft 6'x6' box culvert, 1,200 ft 6"-36" sewer/water, 1,000 lot new road, curb and gutter, 1,500 CY 36" rip-rap.

TxDOT Wise Hwy FM 51 Decatur, Texas

Drainage structures and embankments, Rip Rap, (3) Culvert Boxes, and (2) Wingwalls.

Plano Parks Erosion Control Plano, Texas

600 CY Gabions, Excavation/Fill in Stream, 1,000 tons Rip-Rap, 3,000 SF Trail Concrete.

Spur 97 Bear Creek CSJ # 0094-08-006 Euless, Texas

Drop Structure Concrete Repair, Rip-Rap Repair, Stream Diversion. 

Midway Ground Storage Reservoir #1 Lewisville, Texas

2 MG G.S.T. Piping, 10’ Undercut, and Moisture Condition Backfill. 

Hutton Branch Stream Restoration Carrollton, Texas

20,000 tons of Rip Rap, 2,300 CY Gabion Baskets, 80,000 CY of earth to move, 17 acres clearing, (3) pedestrian bridges, 85,000 SF of 6" concrete sidewalk, 2,500 LF of sewer, 10 acre wetland seeding, Stream water bypass, Low water structure.

Shady Shores Erosion Repair Shady Shores, Texas

Repair dam, pump down ponds, excavate pond/ fill slope, place soil cement, and test soil cement. 

Roy Reynolds Bridge Abutment Harker Heights, Texas

250 LF Sheet Piling, 250 LF Reinforced Concrete Sheet Piling Cap, Traffic Control.

Sanitary Sewer Easement Clearing & Gate Denton, Texas

79,000 LF 16’ easement clearing, 10,900 LF 26’ easement clearing, install 100 gate. 

Mass Grading and Related Construction for Hebron 121 Lewisville,Texas

 192,000 CY of embankments.

Cedar Creek Spillway Improvements Trinidad, Texas

Installation of 2 170ft drainage channels, 4 piezometers, 1000CY grouted rip rap.  

El Lago Lake Wall Repair Dallas, Texas

Remove & Replace Approximately 140 LF of Lake Retaining Wall.

Jasper Clearwell Water Treatment Wichita Falls, Texas

Construction of 5 Million Gallon Water Storage Reservoir, Baffling of Existing Clearwell, Concrete Coating of Existing Structures, and Associated Work.

Lift Station #65 Wichita Falls, Texas

2,000 LF of HDPE, 1 each Wetwell, Bypass Pump Sewer

Eagle Mountain Balancing Reservoir Eagle Mountain, Texas

This project consisted of 220,000 CY excavation/embankment, 26,000 CY soil cement, 85,200 SY Geonet/ Geomembrane Liner, 7,800 LF under drain system, construction of a 25’ deep inlet structure and a 37’ deep outlet structure both with 72” auto valves, 560 LF 84” cement lined steel pipe, 5,000 LF flex base road, 3,500 LF concrete encased electric duct bank, 5,000 LF chain link fence and 5 acres of seed/mulch.

Storm Sewer Water Detention System Laredo, Texas

Preparing Row, Flowable Backfill, Riprap, Box Culvert, 24” RCP, Inlets, Manholes, Headwall, Traffic Handling, Driveways, Sediment Control. 

Grading for Villages Phase 1 Arlington, Texas

Clearing, grubbing, excavation, fill, pump, haul, seed.

Country Lakes West Phase 1 Improvements Argyle, Texas

80,000 CY of embankment.